FITT 360 SECURITY is the world first and an only high-performance body-worn camera that captures all of the scenes in 360-degree. It comfortably goes around your neck and effortlessly captures full evidence in 360˚. This camera system consists of the Necklace part, System part, External Battery pack, and Cradle.


FITT360 SECURITY is designed for tough environment usages. Its durable housing provides IPX4 grade water-proof.

Police Officer

Police Officer

Collecting visual evidence in the dynamic environment within crime scenes is a daily routine for the police officer, and body cameras have been supporting this process.

‘FITT360 SECURITY’ connects police forces by sharing the vivid 360-degree field of vision without missing any evidence wherever they are.



In Military field, the use of body camera has been increased centered on American markets as methods of recording evidence and monitoring from the control tower.

‘FITT360 SECURITY’ makes military scout more efficiently by covering the omnidirectional view.
‘FITT360 SECURITY’ also supports control tower to back the battle in real-time through wireless networking and the recorded footage from the battle can be utilized on performance evaluation.



The body-worn camera is widely utilized in various fields including activities requiring security.

‘FITT360 SECURITY’ connects entities by transmitting vivid 360-degree scenery where forces can step in when support it is significant.


Construction / Factory

In the construction environments, hazards reside hidden to grow the demands for surveillance cameras to accurately depict the incidents that result in casualties.

‘FITT360 SECURITY’ the world’s first 360 wearable camera, saves resources put forth while enhancing safety by covering 360-degree field of vision

Watch It in Action

How it works

Wearable 360º Video Recording Record all of the surroundings Without exception.


FITT 360 SECURITY is expected to be widely used in various fields, including military, police, emergency, security, and constructions etc.

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Available in 3 Models


Record on the Memory


Record on the Memory & Realtime Streaming over Wi-Fi


Record on the Memory & Realtime Streaming over 3G/4G


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