Space IDC


Data Center in space is particularly attractive as it can decrease a temperature lower to -270.45 degrees, which is very cold enough to serve the Data Center without concern of cooling. Furthermore, the most essential factor is that the luminous intensity is a good energy source, guaranteeing that the Data Center can connect all the information to satellites faster than Fiber.



A design concept of our spaceship we are improving will be the best multi-purpose automotive technology among other vehicles. Establishment of this spaceship aims to utilize in transportation and cargo storage for man and unmanned missions.

Automous robot


Autonomous robots for small unmanned ground vehicles which are under the process of prototyping models. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) systems.

Future Factory

Factory M Conceptual

mu Space is currently striving to construct a medium-sized factory to be a base for developing satellite and space technology such as planning to establish a spaceship or the first small space vehicle in Thailand.

OO HTS Satellite


We develop and launch space missions to open space for everyone. Codenamed “OO mission”, we focus on using space for the good of Earthactivewear while reaching for humanity’s ultimate desire to live beyond gravity and towards the next frontier.



Clothing is more than just a fashion statement. We merge technology and comfort to create your ultimate activewear, suitable for use on Earth and in space. Our products are made to last with durability and comfort in mind.