A new way of living for mankind

Future astronauts and our space tourism clients will be traveling in style, Thailand-based satellite and space company mu Space announced today. With plans underway to fly the company’s first space tourism clients by 2025, mu Space is now focusing on developing their own futuristic spacesuit.

mu Space is developing the next generation spacesuit technology to ensure safer environment for the company’s space tourism clients. The “OO mission” spacesuit, according to mu Space, will also offer astronauts with maximum mobility to maneuver a lunar rover, collect samples, and walk around the moon’s rocky surface.


mu Spacesuit - Health Monitoring system in space (1)

“The spacesuit will look and function a lot more advanced than those we see today. It’s lightweight, but durable to withstand harsh conditions in space. And as you can see, the design is inspired by Iron Man,” said mu Space CEO and founder James Yenbamroong. “The spacesuit needs to keep the wearer safe. It needs to give protection from freezing cold, micrometeorites and radiation. It has to supply enough oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. The spacesuit also needs to be lightweight, compact and flexible to wear,” James added.

James says the “OO mission” spacesuit is still in the design stage, and that the actual spacesuit will likely be a bit different than what was unveiled today.
The company still has three years to develop the actual spacesuit before the company flies its first space tourists in 2025.