The multi-purpose reusable space payload
We are moving forward into a new era by planning to develop space technologies for future space travel. Generally, a majority might view that building a spaceship or spacecraft is a futuristic idea and sometimes it feels surreal.
However, building a spaceship with a complexity of technologies is one of the challenging tasks that a company wants to achieve, it might take 1-2 years to complete, mu Space is the first and only company who steps into this path and strives to make things happen. If we don’t start it now, then when?
  • Earth orbit missions
  • ISS resupply
  • Cis-lunar missions
  • Mission profile anlysis
  • Completed CFD Analysis
  • Certified IIIA Armor NIJ010810 Standard
  • Processing a new Advanced material
  • Test and Prototyping
Ballistic Test – 1st Specimens Test
04_20200924 Certificate 3A Stainless Steel and Colonel Material Certificate by Military Explosive Factory-2
Microstructure inspection
for our new advanced material
Certified IIIA Armor NIJ010810 Standard
Ballistic Test
Ballistic Test – 1st Specimens Test: Weld Toughness
More update soon