We are currently developing the Space Internet Data Center (Space IDC). Space IDC is a data center satellite system composing of modified server computers and communication systems for Earth-orbit and surface applications. Typical data centers on Earth take up to 30% of energy in an air-conditioning environment. The cold temperature of outer space (−270.45 °C; −454.81 °F) is an advantage to our Space IDC since it will result in much less energy consumption of data center

Major Components: Space Internet Data Center

At mu Space, a notable advantage in all of our technology is the power system and electronics, referred to as the heart and brain of the technology respectively. The power system acts as a storage that distributes energy whereas the electronics control that energy ensuring an optimum benefit for energy use.


It is undoubtedly that the advancement of our development and manufacturing capability of the Space Data Center (Space IDC) is strongly focusing on these two important parts.


Currently, we have reached a significant level of progress for the satellite components and sub systems for the Space IDC, some of which have undergone actual testing while the others will be test-launched into space for virtual conditions. Main structure, battery pack, and multi-junction solar panel are three major components that contribute to the high performance of our Space IDC. Click here to see the prototypes of our Space IDC’s major components.

End to End customer / Full loop service

Raw Materials

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Value Proposition

High Power

High power telecommunications satellites developed with a focus on advanced and reliable power systems and battery: 3w kg capacity

Speed to Market

Satellites developed and built in 12 to 18 months to help you generate higher revenue to meet market needs, corner higher market shares, and maximise the latest technology


Developed and designed with customers in mind: custom satellites are optimized for your specific applications

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Rod Magnetorquer

Multi layer Insulator


Nearly global coverage of in-orbit internet data center with LEO constellation of small satellites. An internet data center is a special expediency that becomes the main host of IT equipment and operation. It represents the place where the equipment and operation is stored, and its information dispersed. The purpose of building a Data Center in outer space depends on cooling performance, and mu Space is currently developing with the cooperation of partners.

Data Storage

18,000 EB global demand shortage in 2020


285.09 TFLOPS each second of space-based data processing possible