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Deliver Reliable E-government Services to All

We can provide connectivity solutions for the most complex government services. We offer governments a wide range of IP-based services and applications that are resilient, secured and flexible to keep pace with the changing geographic and mission requirements.

Satellite & ground systems procurement

Building satellite and ground systems is often a complicated process.

We are here to help you every step of the way — from product design to being on-site at the manufacturing facility to ensure technical specifications are successfully executed. With our expertise, we can assure you higher product reliability, longer service life and a lower risk of failure.

Smart city

We enable intelligent network connectivity solutions in cities across the globe.

Our full suite of technologies are designed to bring efficiency and innovation to fast-growing urban environments. By addressing the connectivity challenges faced today on infrastructure, energy and transportation, we are improving the quality of life and enabling cities to become more sustainable for the future.

Digital kiosks

We are committed to providing digital community kiosks to satisfy today’s ever-digital economy.

Our uninterruptable satellite and ground systems can handle the plethora of everyday online transactions like e-payment of utility bills and online shopping. The digital kiosks we develop can also deliver fast Internet connection, and can serve as information point for local news, events and special offers.

Distance learning

Providing connectivity to remote schools is a significant challenge for governments.

We’re suited to support government projects to provide schools with broadband access, regardless of their location. With our reliable ground system, we can help in your mission of bridging the digital divide in education by enabling access to online resources for students to use on their learning.

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