O3b Network Overview

  • World’s first commercial constellation which uses 12 high throughput satellites in the MEO (8053 km)
  • 23++ Gbps of Capacity under contract with 42 customers in 35 countries
  • Eight additional satellites joining the constellation (Q1 2018)
  • Steerable Ka-Band beams which are 700 km diameter

Advantages of O3b Satellites

Low Latency

One of the most compelling benefits of the O3b is ultra-low latency. Based on thorough third-party evaluations and performance verifications, O3b guarantees latencies of less than 150 milliseconds. At just 8,062 km above the Earth, O3b’s has a low latency advantage.

High Throughput

O3b is the first operator able to deliver 1.6 Gigabits of bandwidth over a single transponder. The high throughput O3b service provides uncongested, single-hop connectivity to a Global IP backbone.

O3b has at least four times the throughput of traditional satellite providers. Add very low latency to the O3b equation and mobile operators, telcos and ISPs have a viable alternative to terrestrial solutions.