Stay Connected in the Open Waters

mu Space provides you with a reliable Internet service onboard vessels with our maritime service technology. The self-stabilising and water-resistant maritime antenna can receive and send signals in different weather conditions.

Photo by Juan Jose on Unsplash

Wide coverage over maritime shipping and cruise liner routes to respond to growing customer demands, whether commercial or industry-related. Secure connection for crew safety and productive operation.


Integrated Satellite VSAT networks and systems allows the cruise ships to serve onboard connectivity to the growing demand for more passengers. Internet broadband services on the vessels help the crew to stay connected with on-shore ports improving the safety and providing the productive operation.

Support DVB-S2X standard with Adaptive Inroute Selection (AIS) Technique to maintain highest efficiency and availability

Equipment support C/Ku/Ka Band

Support HTS or non-HTS satellite

Up to 200 Mbps throughput