Satellite Components

The following are the incubators of the satellite product/service:

Rod magnetorquer

     Rod magnetorquer RMTQ-15 is a single rod magnetorquer with 15 A-m2 of dipole moment that can be used as an attitude control actuator for microsatellite attitude pointing capabilities without moving parts.

Reaction wheel

Reaction wheel RXW-190 is a flywheel actuator with the maximum torque of 190 mN/m. For 3-axis stabilization, 4 reaction wheels are recommended, providing the spacecraft to aim at the desired attitude with pin-point accuracy.

Multi-layer insulator

Attitude testbed service

mu Space’s Attitude Testbed ACTB-150 is a low-earth orbit microsatellite functional test system for any satellite developer to verify their attitude determination and control system design. The maximum satellite mass is up to 150 kg. The ACTB-150 consists of an air bearing system, Helmholtz cage, sun simulator, and software star simulator for interfacing the satellite’s attitude system.


Li-ion Battery and Technology