mu Space sent payload to space again with New Shepard from Blue Origin

mu Space and Advanced Technology Company Limited, a provider of satellite technology and
space services, by Mr. Varayuth Yenbamroong, Chief Executive Officer Confirms the
successful launch of payload into space with Blue Origin’s New Shepard on December 11.

The objects sent include the new sensor system that mu Space has been researching to test
systems for measuring the status of rockets such as
motion detection, temperature, pressure, and humidity, and the experimental equipment from
International School of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University (Chula ISE), which is an
experiment to observe the status of substances P25 in the microgravity state.

“Our space flight is part of the goal of making the general public aware and understand that
Space is no longer beyond our ability. With the opportunity for a new generation of people
interested in space to join us to develop the space business even further”. Mr. Warayut,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of mu Space said.

This payload flew on-board Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle. The New Shepard
vertical takeoff and vertical landing vehicle is capable of carrying hundreds of pounds of
payloads per flight and will ultimately carry up to six astronauts to altitudes beyond 100
kilometers, also known as the Karman Line, the internationally-recognized boundary of space.

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