Have you ever wondered about space tourism? How is it possible?

Have you ever wondered about space tourism? How is it possible?

Humans have always looked at the horizon and wondered about the nature of the matters found in the night sky. With the advancement of technology concerning rockets and other electronics in the twentieth century, it became possible to deliver machines and other creatures and afterward humans over Earth’s atmosphere into outer space. A long time before innovation was accomplished, nevertheless space exploration had caught the hearts and minds of people, leading to the idea of space tourism in the future.

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What is space tourism?

Space tourism is humanity’s space travel for leisure purposes. It contains aspects of space transportation, manned space flight, and commercialization of outer space. There are a few kinds of space tourism, including orbital, suborbital and lunar space tourism; it might be conceivable later if travelling to the moon are made accessible to a private group. 

Return to the Moon

Moon missions are significant to the exploration of more faraway planets. NASA has set ambitious plans to return humans to the moon and locate a space station in lunar orbit during 2024-2028. The various US space agencies currently cooperating with NASA to accomplish this mission is called Project Artemis; the goddess Artemis was the twin sister of Apollo in Greek mythology. For this mission, NASA aims to land the first woman on the moon. NASA also believes that this is going to gain more experience and expertise required for long-term missions needed to visit other worlds. Currently, various organizations are additionally developing spaceflight capabilities, including SpaceX established by Elon Musk, Blue Origin built up by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Richard Brason’s Virgin Galactic. In the upcoming years, the worldwide spacemarket’s value is expected to be increased rapidly.

Being the very first satellite and space industry company in Thailand, mu Space Corp would like to encourage everyone to step into a new era while creating unique opportunities to experience space for Asia-Pacific region. Our primary goal is to develop satellite communication technologies as well as launch our own satellite by advancing high-performance signal transmission, and outstandingly we are aiming to make space tourism possible in years to come. It is the next huge step in humankind’s extension beyond Earth.

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