a small unmanned ground vehicles

     Autonomous driving technology is one of today’s most talked about technology. Its potential to save lives from danger on the roads has caught the attention of many leading tech companies. With safety being the top priority Mu space engineer team and partners are working together to develop the first autonomous delivery robot in Thailand’s tech industries.

Designed from scratch to serve as a four-wheeled unmanned courier. Capable of autonomously performing image detection to avoid surrounding obstacles, navigate, and drive accordingly.


To reduce the accidents and traffic on the road as the robot navigates prioritizing routes with only pedestrian footpaths.

Stimulating Thailand’s autonomous industries and encouraging youngsters to pay attention to technology.


     During the design and testing phase, the navigation system learns to recognize different objects on the road and footpath. The robot body has been developed to withstand impacts and be able to drive through harsh environments like bumpy floors, elevated and ramped roads, flood, or rain. Once integration of the body and navigation system is complete, the robot will be able to drive autonomously on the test field.

Evaluate the model performance
The accuracy of deep learning model can be improved by increasing the number of dataset as well as the diversity for training model where this process is currently in the development phase.

Robot Perspective

Develop an obstacle avoidance system to be implanted on the delivery robot ’s navigation system, constructing the basis of the autonomous vehicles.