mu Space Corp was established in June 2017 by a group of successful tech entrepreneurs and professionals.

We deliver reliable satellite-based broadband, mobile and broadcasting solutions for telcos and businesses in Thailand. In the coming years, we plan to expand our service coverage across Asia-Pacific by launching into space a high throughput and low latency geosynchronous earth orbit satellite.

We support governments in Asia in their digital transformation efforts. We provide a full suite of connectivity solutions designed to provide the broadest and fastest technologies for smart cities. By addressing the connectivity challenges faced today on infrastructure, energy, and transportation, we are improving the quality of life and enabling cities to become more sustainable for the future.

Moreover, we lead the way in introducing commercial space travel in Asia. With our ambitious everyOne Project, we’re opening space travel to private citizens like you. We promise to provide you with an exciting and unforgettable life experience unlike any other available to mankind.

Connecting You to the Future

We envision a future where a “thousand miles apart” is just “a stone’s throw away”.  With our high quality and reliable space, satellite and ground systems, we have the power to utilize untapped technologies as a vehicle to deliver equitable access to communications for all and improve quality of life.

Company Was Founded

June 21, 2017


mu Space and Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., operating under the name mu Space Corp, is a company in Thailand that provides satellite-enabled broadband and mobile connectivity. It was founded by James Yenbamroong in 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand, with the goal to research and develop space technology and applications for use in urban and rural areas.

Initially focused on the implementation of a nationwide broadband project using satellite technology,mu Space in 2018 started doing activities and research of technology related to space. In July 2018, the company sent micro-gravity experiments into space aboard the New Shepard rocket of Blue Origin, and in September 2018, it released a 3D image of their own spacesuit version for use by astronauts and space tourists. In April 2019, mu Space submitted a proposal to a NASA project to build a lunar landing system.

The company has satellite launch contracts with Blue Origin, using the New Glenn rocket, and with Relativity Space using Terran, the world’s first 3D-printed rocket.

Secured Satellite Operating License

December 2017


mu Space becomes Thailand’s first space technology startup to operate a satellite service after the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission awarded a license for the company. The 15-year license covers the operation of a satellite and provision of satellite-based services until 2032.

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SES and Hughes Partnership

March 2018

mu Space, SES Networks and Hughes to provide broadband access to rural Thailand

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